Bikepacker, outdoorsman and community bridge builder are the roles I roll into every week. For the last several years Colorado has been my home, workplace and playspace as I've facilitated outdoor trips, community gatherings, and self-supported adventures.

TeamAmbassador Community
Main cycling disciplineBikepacking
Favorite Giant bike?Giant Revolt
How did you get into cycling?Commuting
Other team affiliationsThe Black Foxes
Where is your favorite place to ride?Sub-alpine singletrack and two-track
Podcast or music? What’s on your playlist?Dreamville, Tupac Shakur, SZA, Chance the Rapper
If you could choose any person to ride with, living or not living, who would it be?Closest friends
What would you say to someone just getting into cycling to encourage them?Go slow to go fast.
Do you have a favorite tip to share?Hydrate and/or eat before you're thirsty and/or hungry.
Words you live byYou are where you are supposed to be.