Bicycles create experiences for each rider. Mine has organically changed from a kid feeling the first taste of freedom to a lucky teenager on the U.S. National MTB Team, eventually earning my dream job racing for Giant. Having moved on from competition, the current manifestation is working to support and develop mountain bike trail access while enjoying every ride, regardless of the setting.

TeamAmbassador Community
HometownExeter, Maine
Where you live nowExeter, Maine
Other team/group affiliationsRapha, Sugarloaf Mountain
Career highlights49th place, Junior Beginner Category, Maine Sport Spring Runoff, 1993.
18x US National Champion in MTB and Cyclocross disciplines, 1999-2011.
2008 US Olympic MTB Team Member.
Completed 2.1 mile Mckenzie River Trail reroute construction on time and under budget for the U.S. Forest Service in Fall 2020.
Main cycling disciplinesMountain biker, hike-a-bike
Favorite bikeThis should be the Trance X Advanced Pro 29, but if I was stranded in the mountains and had to pick one bike it would be the Reign Advanced Pro 29, just in case there are some rough old trails to ride irresponsibly fast on. Or big jumps…
Current favorite cycling gearGiant Romero SL saddle
Favorite place to rideWherever there is an opportunity to see a place from a local’s perspective. Ideally Anytown, USA group ride from a bike shop.
Dream destinationAncient nomadic trails, western Sichuan Province, China
What are you carrying on a long ride?Almonds and chocolate
Tips for new ridersWelcome to the sport, it’s going to be quite a ride! For most mountain bike techniques, the movements originate from your hips and legs. These are our largest muscle groups, so the more work done the better. For instance, pumping through rollers is most efficient when pushing forward and down on the pedals. When cornering, leaning the bike and pushing through your feet provides traction and composure. Our hands are really just there for braking and shifting!
If you could ride with one person, liing or dead, it would beSparky (Giant Factory Off-Road Team manager)
Words to live byHeels down, eyes up!