The new Talon 20/24 range is purpose-built to give young riders everything they need to take those first steps on their journey into mountain biking. There are lots of kids’ bikes on the market that look like mountain bikes. But it takes more than just knobby tires and flat handlebars to give them a fun trail-riding experience. If the bike doesn’t inspire confidence, or if it rattles to pieces on bumpy terrain, kids lose interest.

The Talon 20/24 range is different. It’s designed to help young riders flourish by building their skills and confidence and making it fun. From the frame geometry and wheel sizes to the kid-specific components, it’s all about giving them what they need to excel. Because when the climbs feel easier and rough trails smoother, the possibilities are endless.


The Talon 20/24 range is designed to spark excitement in kids who may be new to mountain biking. The frame is carefully crafted to suit a broad range of heights and body dimensions, making it easier to fine tune the fit. Select models come with a suspension fork featuring 50mm of travel to help young riders go from smooth roads to bumpy trails with added control.

Youth-Specific Geometry

The geometry is also designed for kids. A shorter seat tube and lower bottom bracket create a lower center of gravity, which offers improved stability over rocks, roots and other trail obstacles. A lower standover height makes it easy to mount and dismount, while instilling confidence for riding tricky terrain.

All the Accessories

The Talon 20/24 is more than capable for off-road use, but its versatility makes it a great choice for riding to school, exploring neighborhood bike paths and more. It comes equipped with features and accessories that let young riders personalize their experience. Select models come with a mini-fender, kickstand and a bell. And all Talon 20/24 bikes have integrated mounts that make it easy to adapt and set up for various riding styles and activities.