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SyncDrive Motor Technologies

Giant offers three different SyncDrive motor options for its various E-bike models. Each one is engineered and tuned to support specific riding styles. From daily commutes to recreational and high-performance road and off-road riding, there’s a SyncDrive motor for every E-bike adventure. Here’s a look at the three levels of SyncDrive.

SyncDrive Pro
SyncDrive Pro powered by Yamaha is designed for high-performance E-bike riding. Giant tuned the motor to make it more powerful, producing a performance-oriented riding style. The lightweight, compact SyncDrive Pro motor is used primarily on Giant’s high-performance E-bikes including the new Full-E+ SX Pro and Full-E+ Pro off-road models.

SyncDrive Sport
SyncDrive Sport offers three support modes and is equipped on E-bikes that are used for both everyday riding and more demanding off-road riding. This small mid-drive motor delivers a powerful 80Nm of torque and is widely acclaimed for its performance and reliability. It delivers instant motor engagement and smooth power delivery that feels like a natural extension of a rider’s own pedaling power.

SyncDrive Life
SyncDrive Life is the ideal solution for E-bikes with low step-through frames. This compact, mid-drive motor ensures perfect weight distribution, which makes the E-bike more stable and balanced. Centralized mass leads to a natural weight balance while riding and while stopped, so it’s a great choice for recreational E-bike riders. It delivers a maximum 60Nm (Newton Meters) of smooth torque, letting you conquer hills and greater distances with ease.


  SyncDrive Life SyncDrive Sport SyncDrive Pro
Drive Unit Type Center Motor Center Motor Center Motor
Watts 250W 250W 250W
Support Modes Eco
Maximum Torque 60Nm 80Nm 80Nm
Maximum Cadence Eco - 100 rpm
Normal - 100 rpm
Sport - 100 rpm
Eco - 100 rpm
Normal - 100 rpm
Sport - 100 rpm
Eco - 110rpm
Basic - 110rpm
Active - 120rpm
Sport - 120rpm
Power - 120rpm
Support Ratios Eco - 80%
Normal - 180%
Sport - 300%
Eco - 80%
Normal - 180%
Sport - 300%
Eco - 100
Basic - 175%
Active - 250%
Sport - 300%
Power - 360%
Support up to 25 kph 25 kph 25 kph
Axle Four Square Four Square ISIS
ServiceTool Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Response 22,5 inch clutch engagement (16 ratchet) 570ms 80% torque at 0kph 100% torque at 10kph 22,5 inch clutch engagement (16 ratchet) 570ms 80% torque at 0kph 100% torque at 10kph 7,5 inch clutch engagement (24 ratchet x 2 pawl sets) 190ms, 100% torque at 0kph
Walk Assist 18.8 Nm +/- 4.5kph (depending in max. gear) 18.8 Nm +/- 4.5kph (depending in max. gear) 60 Nm +/- max. 3.5kph (depending in max. gear)
Weight 3.48 kg 3.48 kg 3.1 kg