With the new STP, the world is your playground. This bike’s name tells the story of how and why it was originally developed. STP stands for streets, trails, parks, and for years it has been a favorite among thrill-seeking riders who like to send it on the jump line, flow through the pump track, and show off their street style all around the neighborhood.


The new STP frameset has been reengineered with a gusset-free ALUXX aluminum build that’s lightweight and durable. Its geometry is inspired by modern trail bike trends, including a slacker head angle and longer top tube with a short stem. A low saddle height and taller front end make it easy to rail corners and stick your landings, while a tighter rear triangle is designed to balance stiffness and compliance for a smooth, responsive ride quality.

Maximum Control

All new STP models include powerful disc brakes that make it easy to control your speed with a light touch. The STP 26 features a 120mm suspension fork, promising smooth landings at the bike park and better control on rough trails. The STP 24 and STP 20 series each offer two models: one with an 80mm suspension fork, which also has a lockout option, and one with a rigid fork.

Comfortable Touch Points

All of the components for the various models and sizes—from wider handlebars to grippy, high-volume tires and comfortable saddles—have been specifically chosen for versatile performance and durability.

Motivation to ride can be found in our surroundings. From city streets to dirt trails, neighborhood parks to remote mountain terrain, inspiration exists in all types of settings. The all-new STP helps riders see things in new ways. Wherever you live and whatever your age, it’s a versatile bike with unlimited possibilities to hone your skills, find new lines, jump higher, and have more fun.