The RideControl EVO is updated with a new display and exciting functionalities to enhance the E-bike riding experience from the RideControl App. It now has an update to show navigation features, so you can ride wherever you want, including new routes, without getting lost. It also can display heartrate functionality, so you can get immediate feedback on your workout. This allows you to make adjustments and gain the greatest benefit from your exercise regime when connected to the Giant E-bike app.

The RideControl EVO lets you upgrade your riding experience through a wireless connection. Incoming messages, phone calls and e-mails can be seen through a notification on the RideControl EVO.

Key Performance Factors


The RideControl EVO empowers you to explore new routes with new navigation functionality.

Focused on Fitness

Get direct feedback to help you target your fitness goals and conditioning, reaching precise levels of effort.

Easy to Update

Can be updated wirelessly so you are always up to date with the latest software.


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