Winter training, mixed terrain rides or just an extra-long Saturday afternoon in the wet, Gavia Fondo will get you there. With RR-E compound and Race Shield Puncture Protection, Gavia Fondo is the choice for a robust mixed terrain tire offering superior grip, high mileage and maximum puncture resistance.

Key Performance Factors

All-Condition Grip

With RR-E silica-based dual compound designed for versatility, the Gavia Fondo offers exceptional grip whether on pavement, rough roads or in the wet.

Fast Rolling & Supple Ride

With RR-E compound featuring an efficient rolling compound in the center tread and the Giant Tubeless System allowing lower air pressure, less vibration is transmitted to the rider, giving a suppler riding feel.

Maximum Puncture Protection

Race Shield protection features exclusive ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar® material, ensuring a high level of puncture protection.

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Giant Tubeless System

With the Giant Tubeless System offering a total solution of wheels, tires, valves and sealant, eliminating setup and compatibility hassles, you’re free to ride without worries or limitations.

Gavia Fondo with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Tubeless System

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