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Lightweight and stiff to roll fast on the road, but strong and durable to tackle rough pavement, gravel and singletrack, Giant’s all-new carbon CXR 2 WheelSystem supports today’s higher volume road and gravel tires, giving you the performance and dependability you need to go anywhere.

Featuring a redesigned hookless rim profile and optimized carbon layup that ensures a robust structure at a minimal weight, as well as the ability to run wide tires at lower pressures for increased compliance, the CXR 2 WheelSystem is purpose built for speed, strength and reliability.

Lightweight Performance


Compared with hook-type rims, adding inner width on hookless rims costs much less in weight because the outer width can be maintained while the inner size is enlarged. Giant’s all-new, wider inner rim width hookless design allows a smaller, lighter tire to have the same volume as a larger, heavier tire, resulting in a lighter overall weight.

1. A wider inner rim allows a smaller tire to have larger actual volume once inflated

2. With hookless rim design, the inner width can be enlarged without enlarging the outer width, costing less in weight


Giant’s hookless rim design is realized through an innovative manufacturing process that results in a more continuous carbon fiber structure that enhances durability and increases impact resistance with no weight penalty. Durability is further increased through enlarging the hookless bead by 2.5mm to help dissipate impact load.

Enhanced Durability

Key Performance Factors


Capable of conquering the roughest asphalt and gravel as well as some tight singletrack, the CXR 2 is tough. Utilizing a continuous carbon fiber structure and enlarged hookless bead to help dissipate impact load, the CXR’s hookless rim design maximizes durability and impact resistance.


Combining minimal weight and superior strength, the all-new CXR 2 rolls fast on road and offers confidence on gravel and light dirt. A wide hookless rim with 25mm inner width, optimized for 38-40mm gravel tires but also capable of fitting XC tires up to 2.3” provides optimal support and cornering performance and allows for lower tire pressures meaning more compliance and speed


Optimized carbon layup places extra material precisely and only where needed, creating an exceptionally robust and stiff structure for lightweight transmission efficiency at minimum weight.

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The all-new Giant CXR 2 WheelSystem combines several innovative technologies that make it lightweight and strong.

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Hookless Rim Design

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