Reece Wallace traveled to the beautiful northeast Portuguese countryside to ride Chiba Bike Farm aboard his new Trance Advanced Pro 29 0. Chiba is a small private bike park with a shuttle system built and run by the small and dedicated Chiba crew. The park is nestled amongst seemingly endless rolling hills, villages, and ancient Roman castles from the 12th century. Certainly not a place one would expect a bike park, but this is what makes it so unique. The sense of old and new meeting is overwhelming, and amazing.


"Never thought I'd say this about a 29er, but it's my favourite bike. The Trance 29's 130/115mm travel is a lot more capable than the numbers suggest. It floats over bumps without feeling sluggish like a longer travel bike—the big wheels eat the terrain, and the short travel keeps it rolling. Essentially, less effort to go just as fast, which I love." - Reece

Amongst some familiar territory with a big rock roll


"Love the comments from the peanut gallery. Anyone who digs and rides know it's fun to slap corners, and also knows they're pretty chill to fix Wink Shouts to Chiba Bike Farm & Wharncliffe Trailworks for building and encouraging me to rip some of the best berms in the world" - Reece

Trance Advanced Pro 29 0. Seat slammed, ready to jump

Removing some foliage from his cassette at 6am before coffee...

Pretending to pedal up the hill for the photo #enduro

Thick, beautiful fog rolling through the Portuguese countryside at sunrise

Chiba Bike Farm has the goods

Video & Photos: Calvin Huth
Location: Chiba Bike Farm