We're Here to Help

Whether you're looking for your first bike, just getting back into riding, or are already an experienced cyclist, we’re here to help. We don’t just make bikes, we also love to ride them.

We know the feeling. The open road calling your name. Exploring new trails and finding new routes. The sun on your back, wind in your hair. Daily work commutes or a weekend bikepacking adventure. Entering your first race or finishing your first century. Phew! Well done. You name it, we love it all. And there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping others enjoy it too.

For Your Health

There's never a better time than now to focus on your health. Cycling has been shown to offer a great cardio and core workout.

Physical and mental health are equally important parts of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. So get on your bike, get your heart pumping and legs spinning. Clear your mind and free your soul. All just by getting on your bike.

For Your Workout

Your workout routine is serious business and adding cycling to the mix can help you achieve surprising results. A bike ride can be a great cardio exercise. It can also help strengthen muscles without stressing the joints as much as some other activities. So get on your bike—you might just find it's your favorite part of your workout.

For Your Commute

There's no better feeling than zooming past a long line of traffic on your bike!

Start commuting the green way and say goodbye to packed trains and crowded buses. Hop on your bike and kickstart your day.

For Adventure

A bike can help you escape the city and explore backroads and trails.  Hop on your bike and ride somewhere amazing. Try a bikepacking adventure, or tackle a singletrack trail.  The world is out there for you to ride!

For Bonding

The best experiences are shared with those you love. Why not take a bike ride with family or friends? Ignite a spark or make lasting memories on a cycling trip to your favorite spot.