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Strong Scores for Propel Advanced Disc in Review!


The website posted a new review of the Propel Advanced Disc, giving the composite aero road machine a strong 4.5-star ranking (out of 5) and praising its integrated technologies including the frame, wheels and components.

“Overall, Giant presents a compelling package here,” wrote tester Mat Brett. “The Propel Advanced Disc is fast and efficient with excellent disc brakes and very good wheels, unlike some rivals that come fitted with place-holder wheels that you’d want to upgrade in order to realize the bike’s full potential.”

Brett also details the AeroSystem Shaping Technology that gives the Propel Advanced Disc its slippery profile. “The result is a bike that features a new truncated ellipse aerofoil profile,” he wrote. “Designers come up with an aerodynamically efficient shape and chop the trailing edge of the profile off square to save weight, improve handling and stick within UCI rules, while maintaining most of the wind-cheating performance.”

Also factoring into its aero performance, Brett wrote, are some innovative components. “One other key feature is Giant’s own aero handlebar and stem system that leaves no exposed hydraulic brake hose and just 5cm of gear cable showing on either side (between exiting the handlebar and entering the stem). The other important fact regarding aerodynamics is that the new Propel framesets are disc-brake only. Giant says it found that with proper integration a disc brake design can be more aerodynamically efficient that a rim brake.”

Beyond that, Brett also found the saddle and tires to his liking as well. I got on fine with Giant's Contact Forward saddle with a composite base that flexes enough to take the edge off things,” he wrote.“And Giant's own 25mm Gavia Race 1 tires are set up tubeless so you can run them at lower pressures than you otherwise would without the danger of pinch flatting if you hit a pothole.”

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Friday, June 1, 2018