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Reign Advanced Wins 2018 MBR Enduro Bike Test!


The April issue of Mountain Bike Rider magazine features an in-depth test on three of the top coil-sprung enduro bikes on the market, including 2018 Reign Advanced 0. Going against the Santa Cruz Nomad CC XO1 and Mondraker Dune XR, the Reign Advanced came out on top, winning MBR’s enduro bike test for the second straight year.

“Winning our enduro bike test two years in a row, the Giant Reign has an undisputed pedigree,” MRB editors wrote. “By adding a longer-stroke shock with more support in the linkage, the 160mm-travel Reign Advanced 0 is better than ever, and by far the best race bike in this test.”

In its 9-page feature, MBR editors break down the details on all three bikes, which they say represent cutting-edge performance when it comes to enduro racing. “Follow enduro racing, or simply tune in for the bike checks, and you’ll quickly notice that there’s no shortage of pros choosing to run coil-sprung shocks,” they wrote. “And for good reason. With some races stages running to over 10 minutes, on tracks that are rougher than a badger’s bottom, they are the equivalent of three World Cup DH tracks ridden back-to-back.”

Analyzing the results of the latest updates to the Reign platform, MBR editors wrote: “It’s what Giant has done with the rear suspension on the new Reign that gives it the edge in this test. Point the Giant downhill and it instantly gaps both of those [other] bikes. Subtle flex in the frame combined with the ultra-sensitive suspension means the Giant generates less fatigue too, something elite-level racers and weekend warriors alike will appreciate.”

In summary, they wrote: “This bike is engineered to the highest standards and always keeps its cool, even when you lose yours. It’s like the silent assassin that never misses.”

For more, check out the April issue of Mountain Bike Rider.  

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Thursday, March 8, 2018