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Contend Wins Bicycling Editors' Choice Award!


The Giant Contend road bike, introduced last year as an affordable introduction to performance road riding, is a hit with the editors at Bicycling Magazine. In its first year on the market, the Contend took home an Editors’ Choice award from Bicycling, earning a place alongside many pro-level road bikes that cost thousands more.

“When a road bike that costs just $810 captures your heart—now that’s something special,” wrote Bicycling editors. “We were wowed by the Giant Contend’s excellent ride quality and truly stellar value. Testers were super impressed by the frame’s responsiveness, even during hard efforts on large group rides.”

Each year Bicycling conducts a comprehensive review to name the best road bikes on the market. This year they went through hundreds of choices, narrowing them down to a final list of 16 bikes that stand out from the competition. With three winners (plus one for Giant’s sister brand Liv) in the road bike category, Giant took home the most Editors’ Choice awards of any brand.

Notes on the 2017 Contend included these from Bicycling editors:

“I’m obsessed with this bike. It has a truly amazing ride—and the price is even more impressive.”

“I forgot I was on an $800 bike.”

“I test rode this back to back with an $8,000 bike and was so pleasantly surprised.”   

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017