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Celebrate Cycling with Our 9th Annual Ride Like King Event!


Each year Giant and its sister brand Liv take a few days in the spring to celebrate the joy of cycling with a global event that honors company founder King Liu. This year’s ninth annual Ride Like King event is scheduled for April 28-30. Festivities include group rides and a contest to win a new, limited edition Ride Like King jersey.  

Employees, retailers and friends of Giant and Liv from all around the world will host and participate in Ride Like King events within their own communities. It’s a global event that takes place locally, with organized rides among colleagues and friends. Stories and photos are shared through the Giant and Liv social media channels.

The Ride Like King event began in 2009 as a fun way to celebrate King’s renewed passion for cycling. After spending much of his life establishing Giant and growing its business, the Chairman and President of the company made a commitment to improve his own fitness and truly experience the benefits of the cycling lifestyle. At the age of 73, King challenged himself to a 927-kilometer ride around Taiwan.

Since then, King, who retired at the end of 2016 after 44 years at the helm, has not only attempted and completed many other long-distance tours, but has dedicated much of his time to publicizing the benefits of the cycling lifestyle. He has also ridden through China, Japan and Europe, bringing attention to the ways that cycling can improve health, reduce pollution, and enhance people’s quality of life. On each tour, he meets with fellow cyclists and policy makers to learn about successful cycling infrastructure and discuss ways to grow participation in the sport.

To learn about this year’s Ride Like King events in your area, or to organize your own ride, go to the Ride Like King Facebook event page.  You can share photos with your Giant and Liv friends around the world by posting them to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #RideLikeKing.

This year’s event includes a contest to win a limited edition Ride Like King jersey that’s based on the popular Giant and Liv Race Day jersey featuring a functional performance fit and technical moisture transfer fabrics. Inspired by King’s own words that “driving is too fast, walking is too slow, and riding is the best way to enjoy the most beautiful scenery in life,” the design captures the spirit of the Ride Like King Event. It displays key monuments and attractions from different countries around the world in a style that pays tribute to the iconic polka dot climber’s jersey from the Tour de France.

Giant will award one jersey per day to a photo and caption (with the #RideLikeKing hashtag) on Facebook or Instagram that best embraces those words. Winners can choose either a Giant or Liv version.   

See you out there on the roads, trails and bike paths! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017