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Bicycling Calls New Road-E+ "Pretty Amazing"!

Product posted a feature on the new Road-E+, calling the performance road riding E-bike “pretty amazing.”

“The Giant Road E+ is made for more than commuting,” wrote Bicycling editor Lou Mazzante. “It’s a straight-up road bike intended to climb big-ass mountains, keep pace with fast group rides, and help you ride farther, with less effort than a traditional bike. In that, it succeeds too—in ways that are expected and also some that are surprising.”

In the review, Mazzante outlines the technologies and features that make the Road-E+ stand out from competitors, including its SyncDrive Sport motor:

“Made by Yamaha, it kicks out the most torque (80Nm) of any widely available option,” he wrote.“The extra torque makes the bike feel peppier under less pedaling forces. The 250w Yamaha motor is paired with a 500Wh lithium-ion battery to produce what feels like some serious power. The system has four power modes that give increasing amounts of boost based on how much power you put into the pedals. There’s also a walk mode for when you need to push your bike along a sidewalk.”

Describing his experience on the Road-E+, Mazzante wrote: “The Road-E+, better than any other e-bike I’ve tried, allows you to comfortably and naturally ride at pedal-bike pace. On climbs, for sure, but also adjusting to the cadence and rhythms of a group ride. When you’re on your own, it’s a thrilling ride. In situations, while commuting or rolling on country roads, you’re moving as fast as—or faster than—traffic. Mailboxes fly past at a rate that makes it seem as if you’re fast forwarding through a scene in a movie.”

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Friday, August 10, 2018