Cycling for a better future

As a brand within the Giant Group family, we are committed to sustainable mobility. Acting as trailblazers in the cycling industry, Giant, Liv, Momentum, CADEX, and the entire Giant Group are driven to be leaders in circularity. We have the power to implement sustainable solutions and collaborations to change our industry and the world for the better because impact starts with people.

We are advancing the cycling world so that future generations can benefit from the actions we take today. We are shaping a sustainable, inclusive, and better tomorrow. Let's raise the bar for a better future.

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Giant Group Responsibility

Innovating a clean future

We are leading the charge towards reduced carbon emissions in our production practices. We reinvent how we work with manufacturing partners and invest in R&D to reduce our environmental impact for future generations.

Our Goal:
Decrease our products' carbon footprints and our company’s overall GHG emissions while increasing the public's adoption of sustainable mobility.

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Transforming for circularity

We are implementing positive changes in our value chain from our suppliers to our customers. We constantly strive for more sustainable materials and processes.

Our Goal:
Integrate cradle-to-grave circular economy principles into every aspect of our operations, from design to manufacturing, by leveraging our integrated production, distribution, research, and value chain.

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Mobilizing for DEI

We are mobilizing people to advance inclusive communities. We promote accessibility and collaboration in the workplace to allow diverse ideas to flourish.

Our Goal:
Audit human rights and occupational safety standards in our supply chain while increasing workplace diversity and promoting inclusive cycling initiatives in various communities.

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