We've hand-picked six bikes that are perfect for beginner cyclists. In terms of stability, riding position and price point, these bikes are ideal for riders looking to try cycling for the first time or get back into the sport after a break.

What you should consider when buying your bike

It's important to understand the factors that differentiate the models you're considering. We've outlined a few things to keep in mind as you navigate our offerings.

For a fully personalized bike recommendation based on your specific needs, please contact your local authorized Giant dealer.

Perfect for an urban lifestyle

City and work life can be overwhelming. Squeezing onto crowded buses or trains, constant meetings, endless e-mails. Sometimes you just need to escape.

That’s exactly what our ESCAPE model is designed to help you do. Try riding ESCAPE to work and you'll find your commute can be something you look forward to.

ESCAPE is also great for fitness. Step up your pace on more vigorous fitness rides and relish each workout. With a lightweight frame and a balanced upright position, ESCAPE provides a smooth, confident ride that just feels good.

When the weekend comes around, ESCAPE is there for you again. With puncture-resistant tires, a wide range of gears, and integrated rack mounts, you can head out on country roads for weekend adventures.

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Perfect For Fitness

A bike ride can be a rush. Your mind pushes your body to create energy. And your bike rewards you with thrilling speed.

FASTROAD takes that sense of speed to the next level. Its composite frameset minimizes weight to keep you light and nimble on your wheels.

FASTROAD is all about versatility. Capable of riding on roads, city streets and all types of pavement, it’s not your average road bike. The seatpost absorbs vibration to smooth out rough roads. Its flat handlebar puts you in a comfortable position. Tubeless tires give you more grip and reduce the risk of flat tires. All so you can focus on your ride.

The versatility doesn’t stop there. An integrated data transmitter lets you track your fitness progress. And with a smart-mount rack and mudguards, you can customize your FASTROAD to suit your specific needs.


Ideal for riding with others

Maybe you've been planning a bike trip with your family for weeks. Maybe a buddy asked you to go for a ride after work. Whatever the case, ROAM has you covered.

ROAM is built for all types of terrain, from smooth paths to rough roads or dirt trails. The flat-bar positioning and tubeless tires blend the stability of a mountain bike with the efficiency of a road bike.

ROAM's innovative seatpost and suspension fork absorb shocks and vibrations and reduce the risk of flats, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride with a partner or friends.

Customize your ROAM for daily rides or long treks using  integrated mounts made for fenders or racks.


Great for a first trail ride

On the mountain, surrounded by nature, riding that singletrack trail you always dreamed of. TALON is a reliable off-road companion for aspiring MTB riders.

This lightweight aluminum hardtail delivers efficiency and control on the trail so you can push the pace on climbs and let loose on descents.

TALON also comes with a suspension fork that gives you smooth control for cross-country trail rides.

Hop on a TALON and take your off-road skills to the next level.


Perfect for a bikepacking trip

The end of the road doesn’t mean the end of your ride. TOUGHROAD is an all-rounder that’s made for your adventurous side. It encourages you to explore and keep rolling, even when pavement turns to gravel or gravel turns to dirt.

Quick, efficient and ultra-versatile, its lightweight aluminum frame and smooth-handling composite fork work together to take the edge off bumpy roads and trails.

No matter how far you go and whatever type of terrain you ride, TOUGHROAD puts you in control. A flat handlebar and upright position combined with a shock-reducing seatpost provide a smooth, confident ride. Integrated disc brakes offer superior stopping power and control on all types of terrain.

And because it's compatible with front and rear racks, TOUGHROAD offers ample cargo capacity, ranging from light day trips to longer bikepacking treks.


Ideal kid's first mountain bike

From dirt jumps and pump tracks to neighborhood street sessions, STP is a great way for young riders to build their skills on a variety of terrain. Blending the attitude of a BMX bike with the rugged capabilities of a mountain bike, STP offers multiple options for wheel size and forks so riders of all ages can find the perfect fit and performance for their individual style.

The tough aluminum frameset features trail-tuned geometry with agile handling and control on jumps, bumps or trails.
STP is engineered with disc brakes to ensure confident control on variable terrain. Wide handlebars and grippy, high-volume tires provide even greater control and traction.

Any young rider will be inspired to push new limits and expand their skills on this fun, rugged all-rounder. That's the STP spirit.