Zwift Train Like A Pro Ride

Weekly on Mondays at 10AM CEST


CCC Team Train Like A Pro ride Presented by Giant Bicycles

CCC Team Head of Performance Marco Pinotti leads a pro workout for CCC Team riders and anyone else who wants to join. Ride alongside CCC Team pros like Joey Rosskopf and Franciso Ventoso. “After a good warm-up and five minutes of activation, we will start our ramp exercises,” Pinotti says. “It will be a progression on the cadence side and even on the intensity side. We will start at 80% of FTP power for 5 minutes. The target cadence will increase from 50 rpm to 100 rpm and eventually reach FTP Power. After three sessions, we will do another activation at high cadence before a cool down. Remember to hydrate well, as the intensity is going up and you'll be sweating a lot!” Participants who join the ride will be assigned a CCC Team kit and Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc bike.

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