How to set up your saddle for long commutes

When riding longer distances on your E-bike, it is important to set up your saddle for long-lasting comfort and efficiency. Here are some tips on how to set your saddle for long rides and commutes.

Saddle fit
In addition to choosing a saddle with the right size and shape, it’s important to make sure that it’s set to the correct height, angle and horizontal position.

Saddle Height

There are multiple methods to determine saddle height. You can read more details in this blog. One way is to step onto your bike and straighten out one leg. Place your heel on the pedal, this is the lowest point of the pedal rotation. If you are sitting straight on the saddle in this position, it is at the correct height.

One way to know if the saddle is too high is if the pelvis tilts right and left while pedaling. It’s also important to make sure that the saddle isn’t too low, as this can cause knee pain. Seatposts with markings are useful, as it makes it easy to quickly view and set the saddle height properly.

How to set the saddle to the correct horizontal position:

  1. Put the pedals in horizontal position. Sit on the bike and place the foot in a comfortable pedaling position.
  2. Ideally, the front of the kneecap should now be aligned with the pedal axis. If it is behind the pedal axis, then the saddle should be moved forward. If it is ahead of the pedal, the saddle should be moved backward.
  3. The correct horizontal position ensures comfort and pedaling efficiency. If you adjust the saddle more than 10mm horizontally, then reset the saddle height because the settings affect each other.

The saddle angle

The optimal saddle angle depends of the saddle position and shape. First, adjust the saddle horizontally as described above. That is a good starting point. From there, you can make minor adjustments for your own personal comfort.

Side-to-side alignment
Of course you want the saddle to be pointing straight forward, with the nose aligned toward the center of the stem. One way to check is to place a long straight slat from the middle of the saddle toward your stem. This can help ensure that the saddle is perfectly aligned side to side.

If you are ever unsure that your saddle is right for you, always contact your nearest Giant dealer for guidance and instructions.