How fast can an E-bike go?

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning E-bikes is about their speed.  The first thing to remember is that even though E-bikes have a motor, they are still bicycles and not scooters.

In Europe, an E-bike can have a maximum power of 250 watts, assisting the E-Bike to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In the U.S., the rules are different. There, E-bike motors can have a maximum of 500 watts and assist up to 20 mph (32km/h)

There are also E-bikes that support up to 45km/h (28 mph). These are referred to as pedelecs.

An E-bike can surpass the speed of its support level, but the motor stops supporting you when you reach the max speed limitation. Bottom line, you have the power to reach a speed that is suitable for your own style of riding. You can push your own limits to go faster than the maximum supported speed, or you can rely on the motor to keep you rolling at speeds within the maximum support level.