Choose your destination, plan your route, and let the new AnyTour X E+ be your trusty adventure companion. From roads to gravel paths and more rugged alpine trails, this ultra-capable E-bike is engineered to help you make the most of every journey.

With its versatility and off-road-ready design, the AnyTour X E+ combines rugged adventure capabilities with smooth-riding comfort. Everything from the frame design to the suspension and tires is purpose-built to give you confidence, control and a smooth, pleasurable ride on roads, gravel or dirt.

Taking the road less traveled is part of the fun with AnyTour X E+. Built for adventure, it encourages you to seek new destinations and find new routes. Onboard navigation makes this easy, ensuring that wherever you go, you’ll never be lost.

One of the unique features of the AnyTour X E+ is its Smart Assist technology, an optional mode that uses sensors and advanced algorithms to determine the optimal pedaling support needed and adjust the level of power output while you ride. The combination of the SyncDrive motors and Smart Assist delivers an extremely smooth and natural riding experience without having to worry about changing support settings while you ride.

EnergyPak Smart

The motor is fueled by the EnergyPak Smart, which features new battery cell technology for the specific needs of E-bike usage. At the core of the system is a new 22700 cell type, which vastly outperforms the standard 21700 and 18650 cell types found in most E-bike batteries. The larger cells of the EnergyPak have greater discharge capacity. They also run cooler, which means less stress on the system and a longer total lifecycle.

Head Tube Charge Port

A newly designed charge port has been relocated from the motor mount to the head tube. This higher placement offers easier access and convenience for charging the battery.

Automatic Shifting

Select AnyTour X E+ models also offer automatic gear shifting. You can simply ride at your preferred pedaling cadence, and the special integrated rear hub automatically shifts gears for you, similar to an automatic transmission in a car.

The All-New AnyTour X E+