PowerFit is the only bike fit system that focuses specifically on improving your power output and balance through correct fit for increased performance and efficiency.

Developed by Giant and Wattbike in conjunction with leading sports scientists, PowerFit is based on biomechanic principles and delivers tangible, objective results proven through Wattbike pedalling force and efficiency analysis. PowerFit sessions consider individuals cycling disciplines, injury history, pain during cycling and performance goals to deliver an optimised position which can then be transferred to other bikes. The practical session includes assessment of current pedalling technique and force using Wattbikes proprietary Polar View Technology, with a comparative assessment following set-up and position adjustments to demonstrate improvements.

Analysis of the force applied to the left and right pedals independently through the entire pedal stroke enables the technician to help you work towards a well-balanced, smooth, strong pedal stroke to deliver optimum power and efficiency.


PowerFit is a bespoke service, tailored to your individual needs so the price and duration of a session will vary.

When you consider the money you spend each year on your passion; bicycles, cycling gear and even nutrition, events, holidays and supportive training and physiotherapy - a bike fit is a great value investment because it will improve your cycling experience as a whole and can deliver significant performance improvements that can be transferred to new bicycles.

To discover your own bespoke needs and the structure, length and price of a session please get in touch with your local PowerFit Centre.

You can find your nearest PowerFit Retailer here.