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Power Pro Ultegra R8000 Power Meter


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Starting From £35

Tracking your power output and training data has never been easier or more accessible. Giant’s all-new Power Pro system delivers accurate power metrics through an integrated system that’s precise, reliable and simple to set up. The pros know that the most effective training is smart training, so get in the know and start training with power.


  • +/- 2 % accuracy at 150w/80rpm (each side)
  • Giant-exclusive algorithm ensures accurate and stable data output with no environmental distractions
  • Accelerometer allows magnet-free measurement
  • LED indicator displays battery level and alerts recharge when power gets below 20%
  • Integrated magnetic rechargeable design protects device from water and dust ingress
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Bluetooth® Smart/ANT+ compatible for broad compatibility, easy calibration and firmware updates.
  • High-capacity lithium battery delivers up to 100 hours of riding on a single charge
  • 2 year warranty world-wide
  • Various crank lenghts available on either 50/34 or 52/36


Accuracy± 2%
WeightLeft side 16g; Right side 16g
Power range0 – 3000 watts
Cadence range20-180 rpm
Water RatingIPX7
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion
Battery Life100 hours
ConnectionsBluetooth® Smart/ANT+


This fully integrated, dual-sided power meter measures power output and delivers accurate data to help you track, analyze and improve your performance on the bike. Engineered with multi-axis left and right crank arm sensors, the Power Pro displays vital information including power (watts), pedal balance, force angle and cadence. The meter pairs with the Giant NeosTrack GPS computer and is also compatible with other popular ANT+ head units. Its battery lasts up to 100 hours (or 1500 miles) of riding on a single charge and is easy to re-charge. An LED indicator on the crankarm-mounted Power Pro displays the battery level, or you can view it using the Giant RideLink app. The app also lets you update firmware and calibrate the Power Pro before each ride.

Power Pro with interactive tooltips


If you encounter any of the issues listed below and are unable to solve them following our suggestions, please contact an authorized Giant retailer.

I can’t charge my Giant Power Pro.

  • Make sure the charging cable is connected securely to your Giant Power Pro.
  • Make sure that the charging plug is not oxidized or damaged.

I can’t pair my Giant Power Pro with my cycling computer.

  • Check the battery level of your Giant Power Pro.
  • Make sure your Giant Power Pro is awake.
  • Confirm that your cycling computer has a pairing function.
  • Confirm that your cycling computer is ANT+™ compatible.
  • Try inputting your Giant Power Pro ID manually. Check your device ID here.

My Giant Power Pro doesn’t display battery level.

  • Check the battery level of your Giant Power Pro.
  • Make sure that your Giant Power Pro has paired successfully with your cycling computer.
  • Make sure your cycling computer is functioning correctly independent of your Giant Power Pro.
  • Confirm that your cycling computer has power level display functionality.

Unusual calibration values appear during calibration process.

  • Try re-calibrating your Giant Power Pro.
  • Update your Giant Power Pro firmware.

Unusual power values(too low or too high) appear on the cycling computer display.

  • Make sure the crank / Giant Power Pro bolts are tight.
  • Try re-calibrating your Giant Power Pro.
  • Update your Giant Power Pro firmware.

LED malfunction

  • If the light is off, make sure your Giant Power Pro and cycling computer are paired successfully.If they are paired but the light
    is off, the LED may be damaged.Please contact an authorized Giant retailer.
  • If your LED is blinking erratically, please contact an authorized Giant retailer.

Can I use an oval chain ring on my Power Pro equipped crank set?

  • The Power Pro hardware and software are designed to accurately measure the power values coming only from round chain rings. Oval rings are not compatible. Any modification of the original chain ring configuration will influence correct functionality of Power Pro and will void the warranty.

Techs & Features

Power Pro


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