What We're Watching While Spinning: Part 1

31 March 2020


If you're looking for some viewing inspiration while on the turbo, we've put together a list of films or series we've been watching over the last week to keep ourselves occupied. We hope you enjoy them and get in touch with your recommendations too.

1) Tiger King

It’s the must-watch documentary that everyone’s talking about right now, and it’s easy to see why – featuring a cast list that’s crazier than any movie could conjure up, the twists and turns in this real-life insight on the ‘big cat’ industry in America will genuinely shock you. Episodes are around 45 minutes long, the perfect time for a session on the turbo to fly by as the jaw-dropping action unfurls.

Where to find it: Netflix

2) The Road Uphill

Since the postponement of the racing calendar, we’ve been searching for something to fill the void. On Amazon prime, this documentary follows the Schleck brothers as they tackle the 2011 edition of the Tour de France.

It’s worth a watch, for a couple of reasons. Lots of nostalgia, and the stunning scenery as riders tackle the Galibier – both of which should provide plenty of motivation as you work through a session on the turbo.

Where to find it: Amazon Prime

3) Supersonic

Speaking of nostalgia, this film detailing the rise of the band Oasis throughout the 90’s has it in spades. The stars of the show are of course Liam and Noel, whose antics will genuinely make you question how they even managed to record a song, let alone sell hundreds of millions of albums worldwide.

It takes you on a real rollercoaster of emotions throughout, and this quote from Noel Gallagher sums it up nicely - “Oasis’ greatest strength was me and Liam. It’s also what drove the band into the ground.”  One of the must-watch films on Netflix right now.

Where to find it: Netflix

4) Formula 1: Drive To Survive

If you’ve found Formula 1 a bit repetitive over the last 6 years thanks to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes dominance, then Netflix’s ‘drive to survive’ could be the perfect tonic to inject some much-needed personality and drama into the fold. Covering an entire season, the 10-episode documentary dives behind the scenes like never before.

With a greater focus on the midfield teams, Season 1 highlights include Team Haas’ larger than life team principal Gunther Steiner, the awkward-yet-must-watch interactions between Renault and Red Bull after Daniel Riccardio’s controversial move and then-Sauber driver Charles LeClerc’s dream to race for Ferrari being fulfilled.

Due to the popularity of season 1, more teams jumped on board for 2019, so the second series has a more high-profile cast list, with Mercedes disaster in their home Grand Prix of Hockenheim and Red Bull Racing’s mid-season driver controversy covered.

If you’re not a fan of formula 1 previously, don’t worry – Drive to Survive does a great job of catering for both motorsport fanatics and casual viewers alike, focusing more on the personalities rather than anything too technical.

Where to find it: Netflix

5) All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks

‘All or nothing’ are a collection of Amazon sports documentaries that specialises in American football, however, in recent years they’ve branched out into other sports too. This particular edition, focusing on the New Zealand rugby team, is one of our highlights as they lift ‘the black curtain’.

One of the most unique teams in the world across any sports, their relentless hunger and desire to keep winning despite all their previous success will genuinely astound you. Slickly produced, easy to watch and provides plenty of haka-inspired motivation while on the turbo.

Where to find it: Amazon Prime

6) Friends

Not everyone likes to watch hard-hitting dramas while working out, so something that’s light-hearted and easy to watch also goes down a treat. We can think of no better series than Friends – super easy to watch, this classic series provides enough laughs to distract from the pain of a tough workout, while not being too mentally taxing.

At just 20 minutes per episode, it’s a great option to just leave playing in the background as you drift in and out. With nearly 80 hours’ worth of content available, you’ll be hard pushed to get through it all on the bike!

Where to find it: Netflix

7) Sunderland Till I Die

Think football is all glitz and glamour? Then Netflix’s ‘Sunderland till I die’ will make you reconsider. Previously one of the most decorated clubs in English football, Sunderland football club has seen a sharp fall from grace since their relegation from the Premier league in 2016.

Facing a new challenge in the third tier, Sunderland till I die is a candid look at the harsh realities the club faces as they adapt to their new surroundings and try to gain promotion back to the Championship, under the constant strain of financial and supporter pressure.

Where to find it: Netflix

8) Last Chance U

Now in its 4th season, this popular docu-series looks into the fortunes of a community college in America that specialise in rehabilitating promising American footballers that have fallen off the rails.

Now, you might think that American football isn’t your thing, but this documentary is about anything but the sport itself. The show takes a fascinating look at the pressures these young athletes face at such a young age and the cut throat nature of College football. Plus, with 4 seasons worth of episodes an hour-long, there’s plenty of spinning time covered.

Where to find it: Netflix

That’s everything we’ve been watching this week – how about you? Any recommendations we should look at? Let us know on Instagram @GiantUK or Twitter @GiantUK.