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Matt Bottrill - VTTA National 50 Race Report

27 July 2020


Giant ambassador Matt Bottrill has missed racing so was keen to test the legs at one of the first time trials allowed.

"With my last race being at the start of March I was excited to get my first time trial in the bag. With not many races on the calendar it was great to finally put a number on again. I was buzzing to get on the start line and what better way to start with a 50 mile time trial.

The last 5 months have been a real test but I've never really lost enthusiasm and managed to keep training hard through the lock down. The biggest part has been the group rides we have done as a team with our athletes on Zwift. So I can say I'm motivated to finish the season off strong.

50 mile time trials have always been my favourite I've won the National championships 3 times and broke the 50 mile TT competition record once with 1:34:43 .

Today was two loops of a 25 mile circuit with a block headwind to the turn. It was a simple task of hitting the block head wind hard - I always push 10 -15 more watts into the headwind then keep the position really aero into the tailwind. It's all about making sure you really crest the powers on the climbs too. I went through the first 25 miles in 51:15 and then would stop the clock at 1:42:17 to take 1st vet on actual time and 3rd place overall in a really competitive field.

The new set up on the bike felt amazing. The Cadex four spoke and disc I've been testing handled the conditions so well, I’m happy with the stiffness but also how they handled in the high crosswinds. When you think I did this time on 302 watts and with quite a good feeling knowing I was so aero but this is still a good 50 watts down on what I used to push but it's nice to see I can still pace well. Like I say to our athletes its not how much power you have but how you use it by optimising speed, power and aerodynamics .

Next up will be just a local 10 mile time trial in two weeks' time. Then I will build up towards the national championships to support the team I always said I would not ride the nationals again after 2015 but you know what I'm loving racing again. I might not have the power but the knowledge and love of the sport will be there. Its time to get smashing it up again. "

Matt now runs a coaching business. If you’d like to learn more about the cycling coaching and triathlon coaching packages that he offers, then visit his website to get in touch.


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