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Intervals And The Giant Neostrack

27 March 2020

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The Neostrack is Giants very own GPS computer, able to record and display all relevant data including, amongst many others, power, cadence, distance and heart rate. The device boasts a battery life of up to 30 hours and was awarded 4/5 stars by Bikeradar when they reviewed the unit.

One major benefit of the Neostrack is its ability to help structure training and run fitness tests using just the unit - that's right, there's no need to use any extra software, the Neostrack is your very own pocket-sized training partner.

The great thing about these workouts are that they can be completed inside on the turbo trainer or outside depending on your situation. Being able to follow a structured workout can yield better results than simply trying to make something up as you go along so if you're looking to improve your fitness, why not give them a go? The fact that each workout is completely customised by the rider means you can be sure that every workout is suitable for you and you know what to expect.

Below we’ll give you the knowledge to get going with your training workouts.

What is interval training?

Quite simply, intervals involve breaking up a session with high-intensity bursts followed by periods of recovery. Once great thing about intervals is that there are so many variations and options - for example, longer efforts with little recovery, short, sharp efforts with longer recovery or a 50/50 split! Furthermore, intervals can be adapted so if you're finding you're getting comfortable with one particular session, you can adapt it, for example, you could increase the number of intervals, the interval length, the intensity or decrease the recovery time.

Why intervals?

They are a great way to build fitness for cycling. Studies have found that regularly completing multiple bursts of high-intensity riding can increase VO2 max and stroke volume (the amount of blood ejected by each heart beat), increase power, build fitness and help with weight loss (studies show that because of the intense nature of interval training, your body continues to burn calories for hours afterwards!) For those who wish to compete, intervals simulate the high-intensity efforts that must be made in race situations, for example closing a gap to a breakaway or attacking from the field.

The added benefit of this is that they’re also a lot more time efficient, making them perfect for those who can’t dedicate many hours a week to riding their bike.

How to perform interval training?

Due the intense nature of intervals, we'd suggest completing no more than 2 sessions a week. It's important however, that during these sessions, you fully commit to the workout. If that's 30 second all-out sprints, then make sure you fully commit to the sprints - this will ensure you get the most from the workout.

Intervals can be completed outside or inside, however we find that inside on a turbo trainer or Wattbike works best, as you can fully commit to each effort - there's nothing worse than being 15 minutes into a 20 minute FTP effort and seeing the traffic lights up ahead turn to red!

Getting started

It's important to ensure that before setting workouts on the Neostrack, you have input your personal information data (FTP, Max heart rate etc). You can do this in the 'Personalise User Profile' area in settings (details of data required can be found below).

Once this has been done, you can access the workout area be selecting the 'Giant Lab' option in the menu.

Using the Neostrack

If you don't know the numbers required to input all the required data, you can find them out by completing a test on the device.

A selection of tests are preloaded on the Neostrack. The testing area includes four test courses to help you measure your Max Heart Rate (MHR), Lactate Heart Rate (LTHR), Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP). Knowing your MHR, LTHR, FTP and MAP gives you a benchmark of exercise intensity so you can get the most from your workouts.

You can also set your very own simple workouts by entering your time or distance goals. The Neostrack offers workouts based on one of three different goals: distance, time, calories.

Interval Workouts on the Neostrack

The Neostrack also offers the option of performing intervals (ie. repeated efforts). You can use the device to customise each workout and as before, it includes both a warm up and a cool down.

To create your own interval workout select:

Plan workout >Interval

You can then set the workout settings including the actual interval (again based on your choice of data), the recovery period and how many times this is repeated. Once this has been completed hit save, name the workout and go back into it and select the start button to begin.

Example Interval session

After warming up for 15 minutes at a level just below your functional threshold power complete the following:

  1. Maximal sprint 30 seconds, 30 sec recovery
  2. 1 minute @ 140% FTP with 1 min recovery
  3. 2 mins @ 120% FTP with 1min recovery
  4. 2 mins @ 120% FTP with 1min recovery
  5. 3 mins @ 110% FTP with 2 mins recovery
  6. 1 min @ 140% FTP with 30 sec recovery
  7. 30 sec maximal sprint
  8. Cool down for at least 10 mins

Repeat if desired.

The Neostrack is able to display all the data you could want as well as offer turn-by-turn navigation

For more information, consult the Neostrack user manual.

To read Bikeradars review of the Neostrack, click here.

Let us know how you get on by sharing your very own workouts with us!

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