High praise for Giant's all-new Reign E+

04 February 2022

Giant News

The all-new Reign E+ range was designed by Giant's enduro team who completely revamped the E-bike with new features. This included a brand-new motor, new geometry and new tech, making it even more capable in enduro environments. With four models on offer in the range, the electric bike was designed to tackle steep climbs and thrilling descents.

Rob Rides EMTB reviews his experience with Giant's all-new Reign E+ after riding the bike for 2 months, describing the full suspension E-bike as 'an absolute weapon'. The model that Rob was riding was the Reign E+1 which includes the Fox 38 Float Performance Elite 29er, with 170mm travel and 160mm at the rear, a mullet setup (29” front wheel & 27.5” rear wheel), and is powered by the brand new SyncDrive Pro, 85Nm motor.

Rob begins by discussing his experience when climbing on the E-bike. The Reign E+ has a long travel however, the motor assistance makes climbing really easy. This grants you much more riding time when at bike parks, as you can take the short route to the top. He insists that 'the geometry and pedalling platform, especially with the chip in a higher position, and partnered with the Yamaha PWX3 (motor), make it a 'pretty formidable climber'. Rob believes that riding an E-bike challenges you to climb surfaces you'd never have even bothered to when compared to a regular pedal bike. So, if you are fed up of taking the slow route to the top of the trail, then an E-bike might just be the ride for you.

The Reign E+ was built for challenging enduro tracks. It excels in long, steep, gnarly trails, so 'you can absolutely rail berms and going downhill’. Because you are so planted, the bike will make you feel mega safe for the entirety of riding, no matter what obstacles you face. Rob highly praised the E-bike for its features. He explains ‘the bike with its low bottom bracket, the excellent Maestro Suspension platform, the big travel at the rear, and with the stiff and supportive 170mm fork, it thrives on steep and technical terrain’. The Maestro Suspension is nice and plush which allows you to stay in control on rocks descents at high speeds. It can withstand high impacts from rocks and drops, maintaining stability throughout the ride.

Rob also had high regards for the build quality of the all-new Reign E+, insisting that the E-bike is ‘beefy, burly, it’s got the big fat oversized headtube for the E-bike fork, it just feels really strong’. There’s no doubt that this full suspension E-bike is a sturdy ride, it can handle harsh impacts and even the typical UK weather conditions, with Rob testing the bike in wet, cold, icy and snowy conditions.

Although the Reign E+ was designed for the steep and rocky endeavours of enduro racing, it’s just as good on exploration rides such as discovering local nature trails, riding peaceful singletrack and fire roads. It's a versatile ride that can be used as a do it all electric mountain bike. Rob summarises by describing the Reign E+ as ‘an outstanding, capable enduro mountain bike capable of pretty much anything'.

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