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Giants Range Of Cycling Eyewear And The Importance Of Wearing Sunglasses When Cycling

11 June 2020

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While some Gear items might seem more necessary, cycling sunglasses should be a consideration for any cyclist no matter what type of riding you are doing. Not only does a good pair offer protection against the sun when it’s bright, they can also sharpen vision on a dull day. On top of this, sunglasses offer a barrier to protect the eyes from debris, dust and dirt from the road or trail so, when you think about it, they suddenly become more than essential!!

At Giant and Liv we offer a number of different types of cycling eyewear which vary in regards frame and lens technology so below we’ll outline the key points to look out for:


Good quality lenses are at the heart of any good pair of cycling sunglasses. They need to protect your eyes from the sun but also be strong enough to withstand any debris that might fly up when you’re riding. On top of these, they also need to be tested to a level such that if you fall off your bike, they won’t shatter and end up causing serious damage to your eyes. Giant and Liv lenses are supplied by the Essilor® Sun Solution, founded in Italy in 1975 with over 40 years of expertise in developing sunglasses. We currently develop two cutting-edge types of lenses that are both technically advanced and designed to boost your athletic performance in all types of lighting conditions.  


Our NXT® VARIA™  lenses are photochromic which means that they react quickly to light changes (within a couple of seconds) which makes them ideal for all types of riding.

If you set off on a road ride in the sun but then it clouds over, these lenses will react such that you don’t feel like you’re riding in the dark! The same applies when riding on the trail and you go under tree cover meaning you can ride without worrying about hitting a root unexpectedly. In fact, Cycling Weekly said they were excellent light adjusting lenses at an affordable price point’. A win, win situation!

In addition to the light reactive properties, the lenses have a number of other tech points that are worth highlighting. Having clear, relaxed visibility is obviously vital when cycling so with this in mind Giant NXT® VARIAlenses optimise visual clarity to reduce eyestrain.

This results in increased contrast and clarity to read signs, spot traffic or other hazards on the road and the ability to differentiate the various features on the trail. They also offer 100% UVA / UVB blocking to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. This image shows how invisible, damaging UV rays are blocked while visible and safe light passes through—the perfect balance.

Finally, our lenses are tested under the ANSI Z80.3 eye protection standard, which uses a 0.25-inch diameter steel ball impact; thus meeting the stringent high-mass and high-velocity impact test, to guarantee uncompromised protection for your eyes.

The NXT® VARIAlenses can be found in a number of models. To explore the ranges you can click either here for Giant or here for Liv.


Alongside, the NXT® VARIAlens technology, we also offer a range of cycling eyewear using the E-SunKolor Up lenses. While these do not have the light reactive properties of the higher spec models, these sunglasses do have some key technologies that also make them a great purchase. 

KOLOR UPseries lenses behave in such a way as to enhance your perception of pure primary colours. The key benefits are:

  • Better colour recognition
  • Colour perception enhancement
  • Reinforce the brightness of colours

These lenses, therefore, bring to life the natural hues of the surrounding environments and guarantee improved vision performance even in extremely bright conditions. Whilst they allow certain light waves in, you are still protected from the harmful UV rays.

You can find the Giant models here and click through to Liv here


As well as the lenses, it is also very important when choosing cycling sunglasses that you have a look at the frame. No matter how long you plan to ride for, the frames have to be comfortable so ideally you would try them on before buying. You need to make sure that the arms sit on your ears such that they won’t slip, the nose piece grips well without putting too much pressure on the bridge of your nose and that your chosen pair of sunglasses is wide enough to ensure good coverage for both eyes.

Alongside the fit, the frame must be up to taking a fair bit of usage, being taken on and off between rides and, unfortunately, also stand up to being dropped. Giant eyewear features the technically advanced and proven Grilamid TR90 frame material. Developed by a Swiss based, world-leading high-performance polyamides manufacturer, TR90 combines excellent strength whilst also being very lightweight. This has a number of benefits which are key for cycling sunglasses:


Using an injection molded plastic design produces frames that are extremely lightweight and more comfortable.


Grilamid TR90 is less likely to break on impact versus more rigid or stiff frame materials.

Blocks UV Exposure

The colour richness and finish of Giant frames is long lasting, even after being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

TR90 frames boast exceptional toughness.They will not lose shape or modifications due to temperature variations.  

If you haven't already got some cycling sunglasses, or are just in need of some new ones, click here to view the range and shop via click and collect to pick up from your local Giant retailer.

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