A guide to Giant Camden's Tron Hunters Zwift Rides

11 March 2021


Giant Camden's Team Liv encountered numerous challenges during the 2020 lock-down last March. As their outdoor training hit a crossroads, Team GC Zwift was born.

Giant Camden - Tron Hunters Zwift Rides

When I started Zwifting in 2019, I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about. I was happy to sit on a turbo with some music or watch a TV show while following my workout routine. To me, indoor training was just a less enjoyable practice you had to get through midweek before the real and enjoyable outdoor cycle day arrived. Which I would do on the weekends with my teammates at Giant Camden Team Liv.  

Seeing all the Zwift maps on my Strava though, gave me some “FOMO” and I opened an account – well, 4 weeks later my coach had to have a sit down with me as a form of intervention; my Zwift addiction was in full swing: I was doing all my workouts from my coach, and on top of them, joining everything from the Zwift Academy tri, races and group rides and don’t even get me started with levelling up to get new kit and bikes. I was Zwift addicted and I LOVED it. 

How Team GC Zwift was born

I will never forget the first day of the lockdown as it was my birthday. I had planned a big ride with my club teammates (Giant Camden Team Liv is the only exclusive female club in London); all that was cancelled and I spent my birthday on Zwift instead. I had a chat with Nick (Giant Camden store owner) on what we could do to keep our clubs and communities together during what looked like pretty tough months to come. We started with “let’s just put a few meetups in place for our training”, and from that conversation, team GC Zwift was born! 

None of us could have predicted what our club was going to become. We just had a few riders from our affiliated clubs and amazing ride leaders and coaches who were giving out time to lead meetups and group workouts, we also had just 1 team in the weekly WTRL TTT (now 10+!). As I look back to 2020, I see how we were all adjusting to life in lockdown and all its challenges, but getting together on Zwift, keeping that sense of community is one of the things that kept us sane and helped us get through the year. 

This is me Zwifting whilst on a Town Hall – nothing gets in the way of my workouts!

Tron Hunters Rides – getting you closer to the Tron!

As the pure Zwifters we became (no more indoor is the gateway to outdoor, Zwift won us over), the question became “how do you get the Tron”. Noting that we had a lot of new Zwifters and more experienced clueless Zwifters like me who did not know you had to have the Everest challenge selected (I could have 3 Trons by now!). All I know is that we wanted that sweet, fast, and neon-looking bike! 

We started scheduling our meetups exclusively on hilly routes and using our own workouts, grinding Alpe and subsequently VenTop – I have climbed Alpe so many times now I never want to do the route again! 

During our pitch to Zwift, we sent the proposal of the “Tron Hunters” ride to be added to the official events for all of the Zwift community; I am sure there are a lot of Zwifters out there who can’t wait to get their hands on the Tron too, but it’s so hard! 

How we view these rides is that there are a lot of steep routes on Zwift that aren’t a grind. You can rack up elevation quickly with multiple laps (we did the math). Also, everything is more fun in a group so that 2% extra elevation towards the Tron you’ll get at the end of the ride will be one of the most enjoyable ones. And even if you have the Tron, these are excellent endurance sessions with the bonus, you get to keep the Giant jersey

Our Tron Hunters rides are every Sunday at 8:30 AM GMT, initially during March. However, we want to keep them on a schedule and add additional slots for our Zwifters across the globe. You will be able to find our rides on Zwift.

Our last ride we climbed NYC KOM 6 times!

What’s next? 

We have a few ideas for more rides for the community. One topic we are passionate about is encouraging more females into cycling – every day is Women’s day! We have a strong female base and are lucky to have a team GB AG World Champion in our ranks, Amy Pritchard. With her deep knowledge of cycling skills and how she manages training and coaching being a full-time NHS worker and mother of 2, we believe this will be an amazing opportunity for women (and men!) to learn from her on future weekly ride-outs. 

Watch this space!