5 Ways to get faster on your bike with George Fox

07 July 2020


Are you interested in getting faster on the bike? Giant UK ambassador George Fox has put together some of his best tips to achieve your fastest rides yet.

It doesn’t really matter what level of rider you are, there is an unmistakable feeling of excitement when you get home with your fastest average speed ever!

Because of the feeling we get when the bike computer gives you the good news and Strava throws up some new personal records, we all constantly research how we can get faster, so I’m going to give you my top tips on how to get faster on your training rides!

  1. Aerodynamics
    As an aerodynamic bike fitter this is my first ‘go to’ response. Firstly, it is free which always helps. But secondly some of your biggest speed improvements can come from reducing your frontal area on the bike, wearing some better fitting clothing and really focussing on body shape on the bike.

  2. Carbon bikes
    Carbon bikes have become the main stay of road cycling since the material became much more readily available, but why? Carbon itself is stiffer than other materials which means you get more speed for your effort or power output. Carbon is also generally lighter than other materials meaning you simply have less weight to carry round with you therefore travelling up hills faster and carrying more speed too!

  3. Training
    We all know that training can help you go faster but many of us have time constraints that mean this isn’t always possible. So within this we’re going to hone in on the most important part of training to see where you can utilise your time in the most efficient way. For me consistency is the most important part of any training. You see the biggest physiological effect from training when you give your body more opportunities to actually adapt to the riding you’re doing.
  1. Tyres
    Tyres for bikes are a massively underrated equipment gain that can see you gain in excess of a couple of miles an hour on a training ride if you go from some slow tyres to some fast tyres! There are plenty of rolling resistance tests online that can help guide you for what you’re looking for.
  1. Bike Fit
    Bike fits are one of the most essential ways to improve on the bike. Not only can a bike fit make you faster and more efficient on the bike, but it will also help to reduce any potential injuries too which will always be important for your long term health and performance!

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