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5 Common Myths About Electric Bikes

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Electric bikes have only been around a relatively short amount of time, however the popularity of them has increased dramatically over the last few years. With this increase, there’s been a huge amount of information shared, some good some bad.

With that in mind, we’d like to set the record straight on a few common myths around electric bikes and answer some questions that you may have before purchasing an E-bike.

I’ll be stuck when the battery runs out

One of the common misconceptions is that e-bikes stop working completely when they run out of charge. Although electric bikes are dependent on the battery to work as intended, they can still fully function without any charge in the battery. It might be harder work for the return leg without any juice left to help, but crucially you won’t be stuck 20 miles from home with no way of pedalling.

Batteries are difficult to look after

When they were first introduced, purchasing an electric bike also meant obtaining a degree in electronics – batteries were fiddly, complex creatures and you had to actively manage the charging cycle. Technology has moved on so much since the first generation, so with all of our 2018 bikes it’s easy to take of your battery.

There’s now only a couple of simple rules; deplete the battery to 0% once every 2-3 months, and during winter charge the battery inside at room temperature as this will increase the range. You don’t even have to follow these rules, but they will dramatically extend the life of your battery so it’s certainly worth it.

E-bikes are difficult to operate

Every Giant e-bike is controlled through the dash system called RideControl. This simple and easy to use display shows essential information such as the amount of charge left, which mode you are in and current speed, along with maximum speed.

In total, there are 5 operating buttons, so it’s quick and easy to get used to an electric bike.

They aren’t legal to use

If you live in Northern Ireland, then this statement is correct. However, in the rest of the UK and Republic of Ireland it is perfectly legal to own and operate an E-bike. This is because they are restricted to 25kmph, or 250 watts of assistance as directed by the EU, therefore every Giant electric bike is compliant with the legislation.

 If you see an electric bike advertised at a higher speed or with more watt assistance, this will be classed as an electric moped which will need tax, insurance, MOT, a valid moped licence and a motorcycle helmet to operate in the UK, so make sure you are up to date with the law before purchasing.

I won’t get any exercise

Electric Bikes are pedal assistance bikes, which mean they still require rider input to move. The best way to think of electric bikes is as a range extender; you will be able to ride longer for the same effort, allowing you to enjoy the experience of cycling.

Have you got any other questions about electric bikes? If you have, get in touch – we’re on Instagram @GiantUK, Twitter @GiantUK or Facebook.

08 June 2018