4/5 stars for Giant's Revolt E+

18 August 2022

Giant News

The new Revolt E+ is prime example of how the gravel scene is being revolutionised. The gravel crusher is the latest model to be tested and reviewed by BikeRadar.

The Revolt E+ is best known for its versatility of conquering rough roads, gravel, dirt and mixed terrain. It’s designed with the latest innovative E-bike technology that makes riding Giant E-bikes so simple.

Senior technical editor at BikeRadar Warren Rossiter discusses the specification, geometry, motor and battery, as well as his overall ride impressions in his review, giving it a near-perfect 4/5 score.

Opening the review with an overview of the specification, Rossiter discusses the integrated setup design of the Revolt E+. “For starters, it has integrated the controller, called ‘RideControl Go’ into the top tube, with a series of five LEDs representing battery level sitting parallel to five lights showing the power level you’re running”.

Rossiter then acknowledges that the drivetrain used for this model is Shimano’s gravel-specific ­­­their power source. The EnergyPak 500 battery has a range that can last up to 160km, depending on the terrain and the rider’s weight.

Within the review, a table with a complete list of geometry for all model sizes is included, as the similarities and differences between the Revolt E+ and the 2022 Bike of the Year Revolt Advanced Pro 0 are discussed.

“In geometry, at least, it’s quite a different beast. Up front, for instance, it’s a little more relaxed in its head angle (71 degrees). It also has a longer wheelbase of nearly 20mm (1,070mm). It has the same stack and reach, though, at 615mm and 387mm, respectively on my size-large test bike. This helps the ride position feel pretty sporty, and the Revolt E+ certainly brings a big fun element to any off-road excursion”.

Giant’s E-bikes have some of the best technology on the market, with Rossiter mentioning the huge power and 85Nm torque of the EP8 motor that makes the bike capable of reaching further distances than the average E-bike. However, this is of course depending on certain factors.

“The range of the Revolt E+ is obviously dependent on factors such as how much you’re carrying and your own weight. Then add in elevation changes, terrain, surface, temperature and even tyre pressures to affect the potential range even more.”

It’s also mentioned that if you are seeking to cover longer distances, you can add a battery range extender that gives you another 250Wh of energy, adding up to a total of 750Wh! To summarise, BikeRadar praise the “vibration-killing” D-Fuse carbon seatpost and describe the Approach saddle as “pleasant place to be seated for a few hours”.

Rossiter’s ride impressions of the Revolt E+ were depicted in a positive manor, describing it as feeling “surprisingly nimble when it comes to riding twisty singletrack trails, and the low-slung weight that’s also centred on the bike adds a huge feeling of stability when it comes to descending quickly, especially in the corners, both on and off-road”.

Overall, Rossiter was impressed with his experience with the Revolt E+, especially in terms of its versatility; and having high praise for the motor, power, range and the ride quality. To read the full review, head over to BikeRadar’s website using the link below.

Giant Revolt E+ review - Electric Bikes - BikeRadar


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