This statement is made in relation to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and contains Giant UK Ltd’s slavery and human trafficking statement relating to financial year 2019/20 ending April 30th. Of Giant Bicycles wholly-owned subsidiaries, this statement covers the activities of Giant UK LTD, which procure goods from and form part of Giant UK LTD’s supply chain.


Giant Bicycles was founded in 1972 with a mission: to create better bikes and improve the cycling experience. Giant UK Ltd was established in 1987 and is the sole distribution centre of Giant bikes, parts, accessories and services through 400+ retailers in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Giant UK LTD forms part of the Giant Bicycles group, with a global supply chain of manufacturing partners. Giant UK LTD shares Giant Bicycles mission for a zero-tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking through shared practices, corporate responsibility and supply chain assessments.

Policies On modern Slavery

Giant do not and will not work with suppliers who have failed to comply with basic international labour organization standards. Above this, Giant has a rating system and daily assessment methods for suppliers:

  • Perform monthly assessment of the quality and delivery status of the supplier's products, and conduct necessary guidance and assistance to the manufacturers with poor conditions according to the results of the assessment, and continue to track and improve.
  • Perform a review of the supplier evaluation grading system on a quarterly basis to maintain the correct supplier selection

The policy is stated in the supplier contract with a view to the supplier's joint commitment to fulfill the social responsibility of the relevant company.


Giant and the supplier are long-term partnerships to jointly promote many projects, such as e-procurement platform, automation, green procurement, public welfare activities, industrial safety and environmental protection, etc. Giant have regular meetings with key suppliers, and sharing experience of outstanding manufacturers. More importantly, Giant visit key suppliers in order to create a common goal and share corporate social responsibility and set out their zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Risk Assessment

As a member of corporate citizenship, Giant operates with care, fulfills social and corporate responsibilities, fully abides by relevant local laws and regulations, and supports and respects internationally relevant labor human rights norms, and protects employees' legitimate rights and interests and employment policies without discrimination. We will also conduct risk assessments on a regular basis to minimize the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking with the direct and indirect supply chain.


Giant UK LTD is aware of modern slavery risks and endeavours to provide all employees with the ability to understand and identify modern slavery and human trafficking throughout the business and supply chain. Training is supplied to all colleagues and we are committed to ensuring that there is a zero tolerance of modern slavery or human trafficking within our direct or indirect supply chain or business to ensure our core values are upheld throughout the business and create a better world through cycling.

Ian Beasant

Giant UK Ltd Managing Director