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The Defy is designed for the everyday cyclist, with a focus on endurance riding and going longer distances on road - squeezing out one more mile, no matter the conditions. We’ve loved the Defy range ever since it’s release in 2008 and is one of our most popular road bikes, and for very good reason. It offers excellent performance whilst being competitively priced, so it’s a match made in heaven for those who are starting to take cycling a bit more seriously and need a machine that can cope with everything that's thrown at it.

Below, we outline the key reasons why the Defy is an ideal first road bike;

1) Lightweight Carbon Frame

As a first road bike, some people would advise against a carbon bike and instead push you down the aluminium route, the traditional starting point, then upgrading to carbon after a year or two once you know you love cycling. This wasn’t without reason; a few years ago, having a full carbon frame meant taking out a mortgage to buy a new bike. Nowadays, carbon is more accessible than ever and the benefits are enormous, so it’s perfectly reasonable to dive into carbon as your starting point, rather than go down the traditional route.

Carbon also offers better shock absorption and vibration dampening that aluminium, so you'll be getting a nicer ride for not a lot more money. We think it's definitely worth it. The entire Defy range comes with a carbon fibre frame as standard, so you’ll be getting high performance no matter what your entry point is for the range. The Defy series starts at just £1499 for the Defy Advanced 3 model.

2) Tyre Clearance

All of the Defy models come specified with 25mm tyres, which are becoming the standard across the industry on road bikes. The trend is heading towards wider tyres, with increased grip and lower pressure the key benefits as you go up the sizes. The Defy can take a 28mm tyre as the clearance is much bigger than the Propel or TCR range.

As a relatively new rider, it’s sensible to go with wider tyres to improve the ride quality and increase the stability of the bike. The Defy range now comes with Tubeless tyres ready to go, which offer even greater puncture resistance and improved comfort. You can find out more about tubeless tyres here.

3) Great Stopping Power, All Year Round

If the Defy is your first road bike, then chances are you’ll be riding it all year round. That means many rides in the grim, British winter, with rain almost guaranteed for every ride. This is where disc brakes become a lifesaver – the ability to stop quickly and safely in all conditions should be a high priority, and disc brakes remain less affected by the conditions than rim brakes. 

Stopping power isn’t just about the conditions though – as a less experienced rider, there’ll be more occasions where you might need to brake sharply and suddenly; maybe a car pulling out or a pedestrian walking into the road. Being able to stop quickly will put you at ease on your rides, safe in the knowledge that your brakes will work quickly and effectively when needed.

Another additional benefit If you go for the Defy Advanced model and fancy upgrading your wheels to lightweight carbon versions, you won’t lose any stopping power, unlike regular rim braking where the pads meet the carbon fibre surface. You’ll get all the benefit of fancy carbon wheels, without any of the drawbacks.

4) It Can Do a Bit of Everything

When you first start riding, it’s hard to tell where it might take you. You may end up racing, or prefer spending 5-6 hours on century rides, or simply joining the club spin every Sunday. What you don’t want is a bike that you thought was great for your needs, but after a few months discover it doesn’t work for what you enjoy the most.

Luckily, the Defy is an all-rounder – compliant enough for all day rides in the saddle, lively enough for sprint finishes and versatile enough to cope with all conditions, so it’s fit around your riding style, rather than forcing you to ride a certain way.

So there you have it – our four key reasons why the Defy should be high on your list as a first road bike. Is there anything we missed? Why not get in touch with us; we love to chat about all things bikes! You can contact us via Facebook, Instagram @GiantUK or Twitter @GiantUK. We’d love to hear from you.