Using a patented design, FlexPoint delivers smooth, unimpeded rear suspension that absorbs trail bumps, from small vibrations to bigger hits, and gives you better control and traction without sacrificing efficiency. A linkage-driven, single-pivot design makes it lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.

Key Benefits

Smooth Control

This linkage-driven, single-pivot system creates consistent damping and spring performance throughout its travel, isolating the rear shock to provide small bump sensitivity through the entire wheel path. The result is a smooth, active feel through the entire shock stroke with no harsh bottom outs.

Lightweight Design

FlexPoint saves significant weight over traditional dual-rocker designs by eliminating the lower rocker arm and using the controlled flexing action of the chainstay/seatstay junction to provide fully active rear suspension. Unique to the patent, is the principle that the suspension both begins and ends with zero flex in the system—providing the lightest initiation and end-point of any linkage-driven, single-pivot suspension system on the market.

Easy Maintenance

FlexPoint offers similar performance as multi-link suspension systems but without the added complexity, weight and frequent maintenance associated with traditional designs.

How it Works

  1. Optimized Pivot Point - The minimal flexing articulation of the chainstay/seatstay junction provides highly active, efficient and lightweight performance. Patented, zero-flex design at both the beginning and end-stroke provide unimpeded initiation and smooth suspension progression—two critical traits for any suspension system.
  2. Patented Performance - A linkage-driven, single-pivot system delivers smooth action to improve the trail-riding experience for a wide range of riders.
  3. ALUXX Aluminum Swingarm - Proprietary rear swingarm combines lightweight efficiency with long-lasting durability that can withstand the rigors of trail riding.

Bikes Featuring Flexpoint Suspension