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Giant electric bikes are designed to let you travel further and faster with greater ease, allowing you to still enjoy the experience of cycling, but providing a little extra assistance when it’s needed. Powered by our innovative SyncDrive motor, designed in collaboration with Yamaha, every Giant e-bike offers top in-class performance and efficiency.


What is the rider weight limit of my electric bike?
All of our E-bikes have a rider weight limit of 136kg.

How far will my E-bike go on a single charge?
We provide a range table on each specific bike - please note that the range figures are a guide and can vary depending on a variety of external factors, such as rider weight, riding style, conditions, weather, tyre pressure, set up and gear selection.

How long does it take to fully charge an E-bike battery?
We expect from 0 to full charge to take around 3½ to 4 hours.

What does An E-bike weigh?
Due to the motor and battery, an E-bike is heavier than the equivalent bike without this technology. For an exact weight, please visit your local Giant retailer who will be able to weigh the bike for you.

I have a fault with my E-bike - what do I do?
We would advise you to return the electric bike to the retailer of purchase - as part of Giant’s commitment to E-bikes, we offer a service diagnostics tool to every Giant E-bike retailer, so they can simply connect the E-bike up and can locate any issues within minutes, then advise on the best steps to getting riding again.

I washed my E-bike and now it's not working - What do I do?
E-bikes are designed to be used outdoors in all types of conditions, including the rain, so they can handle a hand wash with soapy water and a sponge. If you used a pressure washer or a hose to clean the bike, then water may have worked into the more sensitive areas of the bike and caused a problem. Either way, we would advise you to let the bike dry out and if it's still not working, visit your nearest Giant E-bike retailer to get a full diagnostics.

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What is the warranty period on an E-bike frame?
Every Giant electric bike comes with a lifetime frame warranty.

What’s the warranty period on the battery?
Our batteries are covered for a warranty period of two years.

What's the warranty period on the motor?
All of the Giant motors are covered for a warranty period of two years.

What does the different battery type mean - 300Wh, 400Wh, 500Wh?
An E-bike batteries capacity is measured in Wh. It stands for 'Watt Hour', and the amount can be compared to the size of a fuel tank in a car, so the bigger the capacity, the more charge it will hold. A larger number doesn’t give the bike more torque or power, but it does give the bike more range as the battery can hold a greater volume of charge. 

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Why are E-bikes limited to 15mph?
UK legislation states that in order to be classified as an electric bicycle, the electric motor won't assist you when you’re travelling more than 25km/h and the power doesn't exceed 250 watts. Any tampering on the E-bike to exceed the UK regulations, and it will be classified as a motor vehicle, which will need to be taxed, insured, wear a motorcycle helmet and you will need to have a valid UK drivers licence in order to operate it.

What does the different Nm mean on the motor?
Nm, or Newton meters, is the amount of torque the motor has available. We offer three different levels of motors, Life (60Nm), Sport (80Nm) and Pro (80Nm). While bigger can be better, don’t just focus on the numbers. E-bike motors vary in weight, responsiveness (acceleration of the bike) and support levels, which can all affect how an E-bike rides.

What makes Giant E-bikes different from the competition?
Every part of our E-bikes are put together by Giant at our manufacturing facility (something no other E-Bike manufacturer can say), and our close relationships with both Panasonic and Yamaha mean that they design and manufacture complete systems for us to put into our bikes. Panasonic builds the entire battery system for us - from the individual cells to the battery management system and as a result, the battery is perfectly optimized for best in class performance. Panasonic supply to other brands, but don't supply the whole battery system, making our bikes unique.

The same can be said for our Yamaha motors - they are manufactured specifically for us as a complete motor system - again, a benefit no other brand can claim. And because this whole system is then put together at our own facility, the result is complete system integration meaning that each component is tuned and designed to work as best as possible with the others, extracting the best performance possible from the E-bike.

Can I charge my bike as I ride along?
No, although this isn't because of any technical limitation, it's just simply because of the location of the charging port would interfere with the ability to ride the E-bike. Even without this limitation, we wouldn't recommend doing it, as it's not good for the long term health of the battery.

Can I get an adaptor and charge the battery using the socket in my car?
Some third-party options are available, however, it's not something we would recommend, simply because of the amount of time it would take to get a full charge. 

I have lost the manual, where can I get a copy?
Send us an inquiry along with your frame number and we can send an electronic version of your manual.