We are a UK based mountain bike content channel founded by Chris Hutchens and Christo Gallagher. Our core purpose is to create inspiring and educational media that appeals not just to mountain bike enthusiasts, but to the general public. It is not just our aim to be another group of riders showing the world how fast we are. We want to show the world how fun, friendly and accessible mountain biking can be. We create content that gets people outside and unlock their potential.

Trail Checks

Looking for new trails to ride? Check out The Contour Collective's Trail Check series where they will be covering a range of trails from blues to blacks, jump lines and technical downhills.


Our vision is to be the core place to go for mountain bike adventure and riding inspiration in the UK. We want to give riders the information they need to grow in mountain biking.


Our mission is to create and share educational, inspiring and compelling content for cyclists.


The Derailed Podcast was started to offer something different from the mountain bike podcasts out there. We want to focus on why the podcast guests ride, what challenges they face and how they overcome them. We hope that you, the listener, can apply what you hear to your own riding motivations and get out and ride more.


Having the right bikes is crucial for the Contour Collective's aim at targeting both racing and exploring. See what models they'll be using for their content coming in 2021 and beyond.