An essential for all cyclists who plan to leave their bike unattended for any time, a quality and secure bike lock is designed to prevent theft and protect your bike from being taken from you. There are many styles of locks available that provide different benefits, depending on how you plan to use it. Hardened steel chains and solid D-locks with robust locking mechanisms are the safest as they take longer to break by potential thieves, making them suitable for home protection or securing the bike overnight. Cable locks are lighter and easier to carry, making them ideal for quick visits to the shop or as an anti-theft deterrent where you leave the bike for a short period. No matter which type of bicycle lock you choose, make sure you choose one with a sold secure rating. This third-party rating system offers either bronze, silver or gold-rated awards depending on their toughness and durability. A gold-rated product is the best award and makes it easier and cheaper to insure the bike too, as insurance companies recognise the rating. Browse our types of bike locks below, available with click and collect and pay in 3 with Klarna on baskets over £35.