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BikeRadar Gives TCR Advanced a Perfect 5-Star Ranking!


BikeRadar.com posted a new review on the TCR Advanced, endorsing the lightweight composite road bike with a perfect 5-star ranking. Reviewer Simon Withers calls it “a fast-handling and versatile machine for the speed merchant and distance rider.”

Withers outlines the TCR’s history of innovation, dating back to its origins as the world’s first “compact road” bike.

“The TCR is one of the longest-standing designs in road cycling, and though a lot has changed since its birth in the mid-1990s, its creator, British designer Mike Burrows, would probably still recognize his work,”  Withers wrote. And linking this test bike to some modern day racing accomplishments, he pointed out one of the biggest wins this year by a TCR, writing: "Its bigger Advanced SL 0 brother propelled Tom Dumoulin to Giro d'Italia victory, so it has cachet too." 

Describing the ride quality of the TCR Advanced, and why it surpasses others in its class, Withers wrote: “What really separates the TCR from the others is how smooth and comfortable it is, the equal of most endurance bikes. Giant’s own components help, with the quality bar, stem, tape and carbon seatpost. It purrs along even on light gravel, and over a couple miles of unsurfaced singletrack we could up the speed with confidence and control.”

Summing up the bike's performance, Withers wrote: “It’s light, fast, comfortable, ideal for racing, long rides or anything else you could name.”

For more, check out the full review at BikeRadar.com.

And to see the entire range of TCR road bikes, including various models and tech details, click here.

jeudi 5 octobre 2017