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Vous recherchez un vélo polyvalent qui saura mettra un peu de « fun » dans vos sorties, nous l’avons dans la gamme Giant. Il se nomme ATX ! Avec un cintre confortable, une transmission triple plateau et une position haute et sécurisante, il sera à l'aise sur tous les terrains.

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With a rugged personality and a smooth riding style, ATX features the familiar flat-handlebar look of a traditional mountain bike.  It has a lightweight yet durable ALUXX aluminum frame and a suspension fork with 100mm of smooth travel to soak up bumps. The wheel diameter varies based on bike size, with 26-inch wheels on smaller frames and 27.5 on larger ones. This tailors the bike’s handling to a rider’s height. Powerful disc brakes deliver confident handling in all types of weather, and integrated mounts make it easy to add racks or fenders to suit your riding adventures.

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Aluminium ALUXX