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Moderne et confortable, l’Anytour E+ est capable de faire de longues sorties, en ville comme en dehors.

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The AnyTour E+ has a comfortable, sporty and quiet feel with a 70Nm SyncDrive Sport motor that delivers up to 350 percent tunable support ratios. You can fine-tune it for the riding characteristics you prefer. It’s designed to handle trekking terrain with a 60mm suspension fork that has a hydraulic lockout option. An EnergyPak 625 battery pack is seamlessly integrated into the downtube for a sleek profile and long-lasting power. The RideDash EVO offers navigation features with easy to use buttons and a clean handlebar mount.

AnyTour E+ with interactive tooltips


Aluminium ALUXX SL
Hybrid Cycling
RideControl Ergo 2
RideDash Evo
Smart Assist
SyncDrive Sport

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