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In 2019 Gustav Iden became the youngest Ironman 70.3 world champion ever when he crossed the finish line first in Nice, France, at just 23 years old. Since then, the Norwegian has continued his upward trajectory, repeating that title again in 2021, when he took the victory in St. George, Utah. He qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games and in the summer of 2021 turned in an impressive top-10 performance in Japan. Gustav trains and competes with Giant bikes and gear including the Trinity triathlon bike and Propel aero road bike, along with Giant helmets. For more, you can follow Gustav on Instagram

BornMay 1, 1996
ResidesBergen, Norway
Top results

2021: Ironman 70.3 World Champion; 8th at Tokyo Olympic Games

2020: Challenge Daytona PTO World Champion

2019: Ironman 70.3 World Champion; 5 ITU World Cup wins; 4th at ITU Olympic Test Event in Tokyo

2016: Ironman Haugesund champion; 2nd at Ironman 70.3 Bahrain

Intro to triathlonI was a cyclist that loved running and couldn’t sacrifice my love for pure bike racing. I instead learned how to swim and since then it has been all about triathlon. Haven’t looked back, but still watch the Tour de France with great enjoyment.
Favorite eventMy two favorites have been Ironman 70.3 Nice (France) and World Series Lausanne (Switzerland). Both because of a fun and challenging bike course and an unbelievable crowd atmosphere.
Favorite bikeThe Giant Propel Advanced Pro with clip-on aero bars. That bike is seriously overpowered. I have taken mountain KOMs both uphill and downhill, and once did 45km/h+ on a solo loop for an hour on that machine. And paired with a CADEX 65 WheelSystem, it looks just as fast as it rides.
What do you carry on a long ride?I always bring my phone on every ride just in case. Most of the time I don’t bother to bring a pump as I’ve only had one flat during my 1000s of miles on the tubeless CADEX tires, and that was only because of the biggest pothole in the history of potholes. It was a miracle I didn’t crash. Other than that I usually have a gel in case I go overtime and need some extra energy to get home.
Favorite place to trainTriathlon has brought me all over the world for training and racing, and so far it has only made me love my hometown even more. One thing I don’t have at home though is the altitude, so because of that I would have to say Sierra Nevada in Spain is my all-time favorite place to train.
Indoor cycling, or brave the  winter conditions?For my riding I usually go inside during the winter. I don’t do too much Zwifting. Just put on a good movie or something on Youtube and then get on with the pedaling. For my running I have no problem facing the cold Norwegian winter. Love living close to the mountains and being able to run there in the snow.
Dream vacation spotThe dream vacation is to spend a week extra after a race where you have performed really well, and just let the feeling of the performance sink in before you head over to the next one.
Films or TV you loveI love a good sci-fi film and show. Nothing has been as good as Black Mirror.
Favorite book1984 by George Orwell is unbelievable for its present-day accuracy, but I have to say the Norwegian book “The Animals In Africa” by Erlend Loe because of the absurd humour.
Words to live byMy motto is "winning is a choice." Meaning I try to make every single choice throughout the day a choice that brings me closer to my next big victory. Either a personal or professional win.