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Adjust the settings of your motor to optimize efficiency. Or give it some extra punch to make it up that steep climb. This app lets you tune the support levels and set up your remotes exactly how you like. You can do it all with your smart phone and also choose the data you want to have shown on your display.

screenshot of ridecontrol app

Homepage of RideControl App & E-bike setup

Support Ratio

You choose exactly how you want your SyncDrive motor to perform. You can use the app to adjust from the battery-saving Eco mode all the way up to Power mode, which delivers up to four times the power you put into the pedals.


You can adjust torque for your riding style and terrain. To maximize efficiency and preserve battery life, you can dial down the torque within each support mode. For more punchy acceleration, turn up the torque right from your smart phone.

Launch Control

The launch control features 7 settings, from controlled to aggressive. You might choose a lower level, which can take up to 2.5 seconds to achieve full torque, in low-traction situations. If you’re riding grippy terrain and want an instant response, the highest setting produces maximum torque in just a few milliseconds.

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