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Maximize your efforts as you drop the hammer. Power up the steepest, most technical climbs. Maintain stability and control as you unclip to cross a sketchy obstacle. Featuring a rubber-protected, 100% carbon, dual ExoBeam outsole combined with an exclusive internal ExoWrap with dedicated BOA, the Charge Pro delivers the pinnacle of lightweight XC, CX and gravel performance.

Facteurs de performance clés


100% long-fiber carbon ExoBeam plate with a full rubber covered dual beam design allows torsional flexibility, stiffness and power transfer while providing secure mid-foot contact on the pedal when unclipped

Boa System Exowrap

Unique internal ExoWrap with a dedicated BOA reel gives a 360° foot enclosure, guaranteeing maximum comfort through fully customizable arch fit and support

Slip-Last Construction

Exclusive Slip-Last Construction allows the forefoot to be stiff while allowing torsional rotation of the rear and mid foot, maximizing power while keeping you fully in control


Points importants

Featuring a rubber-protected, 100% carbon, dual ExoBeam outsole combined with an  internal ExoWrap with dedicated BOA and utilizing super-efficient slip last construction, the Charge Pro brings robust lightweight XC, CX and gravel performance to new levels.

Charge Pro with interactive tooltips


Motion Efficiency System