Pour la pure vitesses XC, ce hardtail 29er en matériel composite livre une qualité de randonnée réactive afin d'accumuler plus de kilomètres en singletracks rapides et fluides. Utilisez-le pour un marathon de cross-country, votre série de courses hebdomadaires ou pour attaquer les sentiers locaux.
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With its large-diameter 29-inch wheels and lightweight Advanced-grade composite frame, this smooth-riding hardtail eats up XC terrain. The frameset is engineered for a 100mm fork, and it’s handcrafted with a specific composite layup schedule that varies according to frame size to create the optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio with just the right amount of vertical compliance. The result is a bike that scoots up steep climbs and gives you added confidence and control on fast, flowy singletrack. It features wider Boost hub spacing, which improves wheel stiffness and adds clearance to run larger tires, plus a host of other features that let you dial in its performance for nearly any type of terrain.

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Technologie de Composite Advanced
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XTC Advanced 29