I'm an Austrian photographer specializing in adventure sports, landscape and lifestyle. I love all kinds of outdoor sports, but riding my bike and snowboarding in winter are my favorites. I recently became a father too, which turned my whole life upside down—in a good way. I want my work to inspire people to seek adventures for themselves. If just one person gets a spark of motivation to get out there, my job is done.
TeamAmbassador Community
HometownKrieglach, Austria
Where you live nowLangenwang, Austria
Career highlightsBeing my own boss since the day I started feels good
Main cycling disciplinesMountain biking
Favorite bikesTrance X Advanced Pro 29
Current favorite cycling gearMy Osprey Raptor 14 backpack
Favorite place to rideThe Dolomites in Italy
Dream destinationProbably Whistler, Canada
What are you carrying on a long ride?Definitely water and at least one granola bar
Tips for new ridersJust ride. There are no rules...
If you could ride with one person, living or dead, it would beProbably Stevie Schneider
Words to live byAuthenticity is key in life