Giant is proud to announce the Romero saddle series, purpose built for serious mountain biking. From rowdy trail rides to between the tape on the enduro course, Romero saddles provide the comfort, support and durability that riders need for maximum performance.

Pro Rider Approved
Pro Rider Performance
Designed with input from our pro riders, the all-new Giant Romero saddle series has been tested in the most demanding off-road conditions.
Romero SL Saddle
Ultimate Flexibility & Comfort
Giant Romero saddles feature Side-Flex technology that provides more comfort where thighs contact the saddle while descending in attack position, as purpose-built free-flow particles in the saddle padding offer increased shock absorption while seated.
Versatile Capability
Versatile Capability
Apt for virtually all mountain bikes, from trail to gravity, Giant Romero saddles feature carefully considered contours that work with either steep or slack seat tube geometry.

Rider Developed

"I was one of the main riders in the development process of this saddle. I spent probably a couple of hundred hours on the Romero. It’s pretty impressive to see what we’ve come up with; I’m super happy with it." - Mckay Vezina / Giant Factory Off-Road Team

Flex Chassis Design

The Romero’s unique saddle chassis was designed for mountain biking. From the supportive nylon-carbon composite base to the impact-reducing flexible sides to the innovative built-in Particle Flow padding, all features of the Romero’s chassis have been expressly designed with trail and enduro shredding in mind.

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Side-Wrap Technology
Side-Wrap Technology
A durable yet smooth and elastic Side-Wrap padding covers all the edges of the Romero, reducing the abrasion and impact that can happen when navigating corners in attack position and descending over rough terrain.
Rebound Technology
Rebound Technology
Giant Rebound foam is our premium saddle padding that features optimal density foam with incredibly high elasticity at a super low weight. Optimal materials distribution also provides ultimate comfort and shock absorption and contributes to overall weight savings.
Long-nose design for climbing
Optimized Long-Nose Design
With an optimized long-nose design, down-sloping nose shape and optimal pad thickness, the Romero provides maximum support when attacking punchy, steep climbs.

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