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Any route is yours to explore with a powerful, versatile and highly capable Giant E-bike. From the Revolt E+ gravel range to the do-it-all Explore E+ or Roam E+, each blends cutting-edge motor and battery technologies with a smooth, confident ride on roads, gravel or dirt. Break out of the box and push your limits. That’s what adventure is all about.

Explore E+ Pro

Uptown city streets or bumpy backroads, this versatile E-bike helps you enjoy every journey. The Explore E+ Pro combines urban riding style with versatile all-rounder performance.

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Revolt E+

Ride roads, gravel or dirt on this versatile, smooth-riding e-bike. With an all-new SyncDrive Pro system powered by Shimano and smooth-riding frameset, Revolt E+ is ready for any adventure you dream up.

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AnyTour X E+

Choose your destination, plan your route, and let the new AnyTour X E+ be your trusty adventure companion. From roads to gravel paths and more rugged alpine trails, this ultra-capable E-bike is engineered to help you make the most of every journey.

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Stormguard E+

With a powerful new motor, smooth suspension, carbon belt drive and unique floating rear rack, the new Stormguard E+ is the SUV of E-bikes. It sets the standard for rugged sophistication. From practical daily use to ambitious multi-day adventures, your potential is unlimited.

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