Méticuleusement développé pour l'élite de performance sur route, ce vélo de route performant vous place en avantage lors des sprints et lorsque vous êtes en tête du peloton.
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With a frame that’s handcrafted using Advanced-grade composite, and components that are as integrated for overall aero performance, the Propel Advanced Pro Disc boasts smooth lines front to back. The handlebar and stem feature internal cable routing, and the WheelSystem uses a 65mm deep rear rim for maximum aero performance and a shallower 42mm front for added control. Even the disc brakes are integrated with the frame, featuring flat-mount calipers and thru-axles.

Propel Advanced Pro Disc with interactive tooltips


Technologie Advanced Composite
Technologie AeroSystem Shaping
OverDrive 2
Tige de Selle Vector
Tubeless System