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The all-new Giant Fleet SLR saddle is a high- performance short-nose road racing saddle tuned to deliver superior performance to a wide range of male road cyclists. With new generation saddle shaping and an ergonomic cut-out design delivering comfort in a multitude of riding positions, ultra-light Rebound foam providing incredibly high elasticity for ultimate support and super-strong full-carbon rails providing maximum compliance, the Fleet SLR gives discerning riders the opportunity to reach their peak level of performance.

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Maximum Support

The Fleet’s wide short-nose design, combined with an ultra-light carbon composite base and our super-light Rebound foam provide optimal support for a variety of riding positons.

Comfort Without Compromise

A new generation saddle shape delivers versatile comfort for a wide range of positions while ultra-light, super-strong full-carbon rails provide increased compliance. Additionally, the application of Particle Flow Technology helps dissipate pressure on the pelvis and relieve numbness and pain.

Superior Pedaling Efficiency

The refined side curve of the new Fleet saddle provides a wider pedaling space while the wide short nose provides more support.



Fleet SLR Saddle with interactive tooltips

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